Tuesday, February 11, 2014


     Let's get caught up, shall we?
Trinity, my oldest daughter, is eleven years old and in the 5th grade. She now attends the middle school, which was a big deal this past fall....a whole new school...new teachers...new friends...new everything. But Trinity has done very well for herself. Not only has she kept up her grades (all A's and B's with an invitation to join the BETA Club), but she also joined the school band. She plays the clarinet, with quite some skill. I was surprised with her initial interest, and am still surprised, and very proud, with the commitment and talent she has shown.

(Trinity on stage during the Christmas band performance)
       So, not only is Trinity rockin' it at school (and all it's related activities), but she is also a Godsend at home. No, she doesn't keep her room clean. And no, she doesn't fold laundry, or do dishes, or take the trash out (unless asked a bazillion times). No. Trinity is what we call the Lexi Whisperer. She has the uncanny knack of knowing exactly what Lexi needs at any given moment. She knows the precise time when to jump in when Mommy has reached her limit. She can coax Lexi to eat her dinner, and get dressed in the morning. She keeps her distracted when I'm busy, and plays with her just because. Trinity displays such great patience and love towards Lexi, that it warms my heart every time I see it.
(Lexi and her Tee Tee)
      I could go on and on about how awesome Trinity is (don't even get me started on her scrambled eggs), but she is by no means perfect. It's like pulling teeth to get her to brush her hair, and she insists on wearing an awful green sweat shirt/jacket everywhere. Even to bed. She's stubborn and annoying, and has an uncanny knack of losing whatever it is she is looking for. There are times I could just strangle her, only minutes after hugging her. She is your typical pre-teen, and I anticipate a bumpy road ahead. Everybody better buckle up.
She really is a great kid


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