Thursday, February 13, 2014


 ...and continues
     Lexi is three years old and a force to be reckoned with. She is what some people may call an "Oopsie Baby", but I beg to differ. The word "Oopsie" implies that a mistake was made, and although Lexi was definitely a surprise, she is most definitely not a mistake. I will honestly say that I cannot imagine my life without her, and I can guarantee the people in our inner circle will agree with me.

(Needs a nap)
     With that being said, life with a little one is not easy. There are diapers to be changed, tantrums to be stopped, and patience to be given. It can be (and is) very exhausting. There are days when Lexi's whining could legally put me in a padded room. But then she'll make me giggle with one of her silly antics, and all is forgiven. Everyday with Lexi is unpredictable, and 100% a blessing.
(With her partner in crime)
   Everyone knows the expression "Two Peas in a Pod", but I'm not sure that completely describes the relationship between Lexi and her Popop. With her magical toddler powers, she entices him to do things I don't think he would normally do. He drinks princess tea and plays Hide Go Seek (he has literally hidden in my room). She loves to put hairbows in his hair and he lets her. I overhear their conversations from the other room, and it's nothing but precious. I look forward to watching them grow up together.
Oopsie Daisy


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