Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm Back!!

     You might remember me from my last blog "HOWDY", which I started many years ago to give my family a glimpse of our life here in Tennessee. The addition of a new baby put a screeching halt to any and all postings, and poor "HOWDY" pretty much withered and died. Now that the new baby is almost three years old, I figured that it was about time I get my act together, and once again start entertaining my followers (all four of them) with our crazy antics.
     I know our shenanigans are no different from any other family with a single mom, pre-teens, and a toddler, but we have the added bonus of living with my parents, AKA Grandma and Popop. Three generations under one roof equals a lot of laughter, yelling, tantrums, and hugs, so I encourage you to sit back, and enjoy the show!

Glad to be here

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